Clifford - Dew Testimonials

Mitch V.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Kathleen and Jane are a great team. They helped my wife and me navigate the intricacies of the home buying process in an empowering way. They are also both genuinely good people who care about you and truly want wants best for their clients.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Jane and Kathleen made the home purchase process easy and low stress. We quickly found a great house and are moving in tomorrow. They looked out for our best interest along the way, helping us navigate the unique and challenging South Bay real estate market. They helped us with the strategy of negotiation. The seller wanted more and we held firm and still got the house. Altogether a good experience.

Andrea E.
Economist Ret.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Kathleen and Jane are very professional. They helped me with the many aspects of preparing my condo for sale and for moving. I hadn't realized how many details there are in this process. They handled it all. I couldn't have done this without them. They even sold my condo for over asking price!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I can only tell you the Clifford/Dew team represented me in the sale of my home. In fact, they sold it twice, The first buyers backed out with no stated reason and and then refused to relinquish the substantial earnest money on deposit. Clifford/Dew not only sold the house again, they also supported my dispute with the first buyer providing necessary data necessary for my attorney. In addition, Clifford attended the hearings with me and my attorney. These ladies never miss a step for the client they represent.

Cheryl S.
Tech Writer
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
We had been hopelessly looking for our starter home for several months before we started working with Kathleen and Jane. After our initial meeting we were blown away by her thoroughness in explaining the craziness that is the Bay Area market. They sent us automatic listings based on our criteria, then we’d either attend open houses on our own or schedule showings with them. Kathleen has the most critical eye, spotting things like patched up drywall that would go unnoticed for us. For any property we were interested in making an offer on, Kathleen went above and beyond -- she was in constant communication with our bank, the selling agent (sometimes she would even be able to get the listing agent to tell her how many offers were in place or expected and for how much -- this put us at an excellent competitive advantage), sent us all disclosures and explained them to us, and above all she was never pushy. Early on she discouraged us from buying one of the places I had my heart set on because it turned out the HOA was under litigation. I’m thankful she took the emotion out of it!

For the place we ended up buying, we were in a situation with a Saturday offer deadline. My original lender was hesitant regarding the property because of their HOA. In my husband’s words, Kathleen “saved our asses” by getting us in touch with her mortgage broker, who approved us on a Friday night and gave us an even better rate. Kathleen worked to submit our offer on Saturday afternoon, and on Sunday it was accepted!

Lastly, you would never know from working with Kathleen and Jane that we probably aren’t her buyers with the largest budget. I always felt prioritized, despite the fact that I knew she had several multi-million dollar listings and other buyers with massive budgets going on at the same time. Since this is our starter home, we look forward to working with this team again for our next step up!

Tom H
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I highly recommend Kathleen Clifford and Jane Dew of Intero Real Estate Services. In May my sister passed away in San Jose, California and I had the task of dealing with her estate from my home in Colorado. The Clifford/Dew Team were instrumental in securing many offers well above the asking price for the property. They had a large network of trusted professionals to guide me through getting the property ready to sell, staging and listing it. I feel strongly that their professionalism throughout the process made a difficult task less so.
Tom Harper

Ryan P
Software Engineer
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Kathleen and Jane were a pleasure to work with. My wife and I provided an extra challenge to them since we were shopping for a home from out of state, were looking in several regions fairly distant from each other, and also were very picky to boot. Even so, Kathleen and Jane remained supportive, professional, and courteous throughout. Anytime a tricky question about a potential home came up, they were quick to jump on the phone and get the answer for us. Having them work as a team was especially beneficial; in cases where one was busy or on vacation, the other was available to help. They went above and beyond during an especially tricky negotiation at the end of the sale process, and we felt comfortable knowing that they had our backs. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone looking to buy a home in the Silicon Valley region!

Brent E
Home Buyer/Seller
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
We worked with Jane and her partner Kathleen Clifford to sell our townhouse and then to buy our home in Mountain View. Both Jane and Kathleen are very knowledgeable about the local market, and they were able to provide great recommendations about neighborhoods that we might like in town. When the time came to make an offer they were available any time we needed them, and they really helped us keep an eye on the details as we were completing all the paperwork. I think Jane and Kathleen are the best in the business.

Susan H
Recommendation for Kathleen Clifford and Jane Dew

Kathleen Clifford and Jane Dew sold my house in June of 2016. I have to commend them for their perseverance. Kathleen originally sold my home in March of 2015, but before escrow closed, there was damage to the house which required an extensive rebuild. Kathleen was very supportive at this time and came right over to survey the damage and try to help me make a good choice about what to do next. She continued to try to see whether the buyers would be willing to still buy the home and take over the repairs. But it was going to take too long and the transaction was cancelled. Had it sold, it would have gone for $130,000 over the asking price, which I was very happy with at the time.

About one year later, the repairs were done and I put the house back on the market with Kathleen and Jane. At one point, Kathleen had negotiated a sale for what would have been $160,000 more than what the house sold for the year before, but this deal fell through because of a problem with the appraisal. After the house had been off the market for a month, Kathleen and Jane brought back in a buyer who had made an offer almost 3 months before. They still sold the house for $145,000 more than the year before. They did a great job of selling the house for such a good price, especially after the house had been on the market for a while, and the market was getting flat at that time.

Kathleen and Jane were very careful about paperwork, contracts, and protecting their clients interests. We had an offer earlier in the year, but the buyer could not provide a Proof of Funds statement with all the required information, so Kathleen advised to wait to make a decision, until we received a statement with all the information on it. I appreciate the fact that they were careful about these details.

Overall, I was happy with Kathleen and Jane for negotiating a great price for my house, for sticking to it despite the drawn out repairs, and being very careful about the paperwork. There is also a nice side benefit from working with them, which is their monthly happy hours.

October, 2016

Melissa B
Kathleen and Jane are amazing and we highly highly recommend them as realtors in the Bay Area. This is NOT an easy market to navigate and they do it with patience and great experience. They recently sold our house in Mountain View (for hundreds of thousands over asking, i might add) and were extremely professional. They helped us update paint and landscaping to get the best price and were amazing. Additionally they found us the absolute perfect house in a different area of the Bay that we were not even considering-and we absolutely love this neighborhood! It fits us to perfection and we are so thankful she introduced us to the possibilities out there. We recommend them to all our friends and will definitely use Kathleen and Jane in the future if we should ever need them.
Randi S
Home Owner (buyer/seller)
I've been working with Kathleen and Jane for several months, and they have been truly remarkable! Kathleen did a great job of looking out for me during the "search and buy a new home" phase by researching the market and vetting properties, and during the purchase she had a keen eye on the details of the property and the paperwork. During the "sell your property" phase, I came to depend on them a lot, and they never let me down. They assessed my property, analyzed the needed updates, and presented a variety of options based on best return. Then, they went a big step further by getting quotes from their known service folks, and project managing the activities of the painters, handymen, flooring folks, etc... Every single dollar I put into the house paid off in both price, and a quick (2 week) sale. And on top of everything else... they are both great fun, and good people to spend time with! Consider this a five star, 10 out of 10, two thumbs up recommendation!

Bart B
Data Scientist/Engineer
Kathleen has shepherded my wife and me through the purchase of a condominium, the sale of said condominium, and the purchase of a new house. She is great, both professionally and personally, and we recommend her highly. She is competent, patient, and knows the local real estate market inside and out. She is willing to meet us at times convenient for us, and she is a good negotiator and advisor. We could not ask for a better representative in our real estate transactions.

Megan S
Kathleen was wonderful to work with. She is very knowledgeable about the different neighborhoods in the Bay area, which was very helpful as we moved from out of state. She was persistence in finding homes that matched our needs. I would highly recommend Kathleen and would use her again.